Best Ways to Take Advantages From Linkedin Profile

There are a number of ways you can take advantage of Linkedin. Most users overlook these features and don’t maximise the platform’s full potential.

Let’s go through some growth hacks that can upgrade your Linkedin user experience.

Exporting the e-mail addresses of your connections on LinkedIn.

STEP 1: Head to the top of the homepage and click on the “My Network” icon.

STEP 2: In the left-hand column, under “Your connections”, click “See all”.

STEP 3: On the right-hand side, you will now find “Manage synced and imported contacts” — click it.

STEP 4: On the right, under “Advanced actions”, click “Export contacts”.

STEP 5: Tick the boxes the box labelled “Connections” and hit “Request archive”.

STEP 6: Check the email inbox associated with your LinkedIn profile and confirm the request that comes through. You will receive the data around 15 minutes after confirmation.

Remember, LinkedIn is just one of the tools available to you. You can elevate and tap into other facets of your marketing strategy by reaching out to your contacts via other means. For instance, you might choose to include this contact list in your email campaign.