Experienced Lexington Criminal Appeal Lawyers

Appeals in criminal cases are based on decisions of the judge to admit witnesses or to allow some item of evidence to be introduced by a party. The objection serves as the basis for the appeal. Our representation appeal lawyers in Lexington, Kentucky mean we provide experienced representation to criminal defendants facing complex and difficult issues on appeal. The firm understands the federal appeal process in Kentucky. We have handled many criminal appeals ranging from drug cases, trafficking, white collar crime, robbery and many related areas of criminal appeals.

Whether you are in Lexington or anywhere else in the nation, our attorneys are here to help you fight for your rights. Please contact our Lexington appeal lawyers to discuss your case. Our attorneys will review your case and can help determine what may be the best approach to your criminal appeal case. Call our Kentucky Federal attorneys today to set up a consultation and discuss your case.


The federal appeal lawyers at our firm in Portland, Oregon, is known to be very good in representing appellate lawsuits. They are capable in securing the best defense for a client appealing a civil or criminal case, in federal courts across the state. They have even represented at the top level (the US Supreme Court). Appeal cases are tough and complex to deal with, especially if the lawyer is not specialized and/or experienced in this area. The Brownstone lawyer knows and works in the best interest of our clients. Call our Portland Oregon appellate attorneys today at (888) 233-8895.